Everything's Impossible, Until It Ain't.

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Getting acclimated to LJ has been more involved than I expected. Is it weird that I've forgotten how to blog in any detail? Social media has trained us to condense big (or at least big to us) thoughts into bite sized nuggets. Basically, for me, the whole process can be summed up thus:

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So as I get my sea legs, I've taken to dabbling in some of LJ's most delightful features. Specifically, I'm working on a new custom mood theme as well as a Carnivale related video. I'm not quite sure where I'll find the hours but part of my interest in blogging again comes from a desire to carve out some silly and creative time (i.e. stretching my creative muscles in a 100% for fun sorta way).

If anyone has any exquisite fanvids to recommend, I'd love some links for inspiration!

Knock, knock who's there?
always watching
I'm kicking it retro and am returning to LJ. What's a 7 year hiatus among friends?

I've been given the grand opportunity to rewatch and recap Carnivale which, of course, got me thinking about my LJ heyday. Couple that with a too-bizarre-to-be-believed serious of events in which my long lost LJ login miraculously appeared, and the lure back to this space was simply too much.

Blogs have been monetized to within an inch of their lives and Tumblr hisses with an energy too frenetic to be enjoyed. So for a place to just post meander thoughts, there seems no better option.

Fandom and fun will be public, personal bits private.


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